Connect Groups

Connect Groups meet every second week at various locations and different times around the city in groups of 6-10 people. 
They are a great way for forming deeper relationships with people, and encouraging each other in our walk with God. 

We aim to care for one another and the people in our lives well, praying that we grow in faith in Jesus, and love for each other as we do so. Whether new to St Albans Baptist, or been coming for many years, we would love to have you join one of these groups.

Monday Groups

Graham and Jenny Purkis - Leadership Connect

'Living from the Inside Out'
Graham and Jenny Purkis invite any leaders or those interested in leading from a place of true freedom in Christ to join the Leadership Connect.

Mon, Fortnightly 7:30pm - 9pm
Venue: Northwood

Tuesday Groups

Robert & Denise Norriss

Fortnightly Tuesdays : 7:30pm
Venue Varies

Ginette Edmonds

We have an international flavour with lots of fun. We start with a potluck meal at 6pm each time. We enjoy sharing the word, prayer and welcoming new people!

Fortnightly Tuesdays : 6pm
Venue Varies

Matt and Nikki McInnes - Young Adults

We are about young people developing their relationship with God and finding their place in the church & the world.

Fortnightly Tuesdays : 7:30pm
Venue: Redwood

Simon Dodge &
Jerry Schutte

Fortnightly Tuesdays : 7:30pm
Venue varies

John, Lyn and Tara - Holy Spirit

We are a group that is passionate about encouraging and empowering each other in discovering and activating our gifts in the Holy Spirit.

Fortnightly Tuesdays : 7:30pm - 9pm
Venue: Burnside

Wednesday Groups

Bruce & Brenda Rattray

We sit at the table and have a finger food meal which everyone contributes to. We have created a family atmosphere of chatting around the table. Out of conversation we discuss life from a Biblical perspective.
“What would Jesus do?” It is a very non threatening enviroment where we hope members will feel comfortable to invite their pre- Christian friends.

Fortnightly Wednesdays : 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Venue: Burwood

Steve & Kaye Hills

Wednesday’s Fortnightly 7:30pm
Venue varies

Rosamund Baird :
Senior Connect

Wednesday’s Fortnightly 7:30pm
Venue varies

Friday Groups

Lynda Collins :
Women's Connect

Friday weekly 9:45am
Venue Mairehau

Kelly Penny :
Families with Under 5s

We meet monthly to connect socially with other families with 'under 5s'. We share a potluck dinner at the cafe at SABC. 

First Friday of the Month 5:30pm - 8pm
Venue: SABC Cafe

Children on Sunday

Families Café at SABC

Here at St Albans Baptist, we have a new Families Café Church for children and their parents on the Sunday morning.
We would love to see you there, whether you have been to church for years, or you and your family have never been into a church and would like to pop in and see what we offer.

Our service aims to be relaxed; grab a coffee, sit round a table.
Time with a person up front talking is broken into smaller chunks to allow for the shorter attention span of younger participants, while still aiming to bring a deeper level for the adults.

St Albans Baptist church Service starts at 10am in the main auditorium, and the families go out to our café at around 10:20am. You are welcome to meet us in the Auditorium at 10 am for the music, or meet us at 10:20 in the café.
We are usually finished by 11:30am.

We believe that children and young people have as much to offer and contribute as the other members of our church. Our Families Cafe aims to provide a place to support and mentor our children as fully engaged members of our church.

Infinite Youth

We're unashamedly focused on following Jesus: Talking the talk, walking the walk and doing it together in community. What does this look like in our lives? How can we be authentic with all of this?

Youth group for years 9 - 13 is on every Friday (except school holidays), 7:30pm-9:30pm, venue varies. Wherever you're at with God/faith/life, come along, have fun, and engage with God. We'd love to get to know you!

Contact Seb at for more info

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