Peter Gaulter: Surviving Trials

Sunday 11th October
We are created to be a people who don’t give up, who overcome. Jesus gives hope love and faith to all in his Kingdom. You will be encouraged by Peters story.

Collective Pursuit

Sunday 11th October
Don't forget Collective Pursuit is on 7pm tonight! Come join us! There's only 3 left for the year.
If you've never been before we encourage you to come along and see what it's about! It's an amazing time to spend with God and hear him speak to you.

John Alpe: I am a Person Who Forgives

Sunday 18th October

God loves his Church, yet within church life people get offended. Every time that happens we are faced with a choice. Will we become bitter or will we forgive? They are two completely different paths....heading in different directions. Which will you choose when it happens next?

Light Party

Saturday 31st October

For a number of years Halloween has been gaining momentum in New Zealand.We at the Neighbourhood Trust and St Albans Baptist Church, want to see families enjoying themselves and spending quality time together, but instead by celebrating life, wellbeing and diversity, rather than Halloween traditions. So we put on an alternative event each year on the 31st October – the Light Party! This counter-cultural event provides a safe environment for the whole family to have fun together.

The Light Party is a great opportunity for families to laugh together, eat together, and enjoy doing something that is all about celebrating life and joy in our community.This year our theme is ‘Noah’s Ark’, so come along dressed as your favourite animal!

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