Come on the Journey

Issues of our Time

Starts June (5 Weeks) 
Sundays Monthly 7pm.
Venue: SABC Cafe
Cost: No Charge
Contact Alex Gale

Last Sunday night each month starting May.There will be some input, discussion and information about resources so you can explore the issues further from a Christian perspective.
1. The power of a world view.
2. What happens when the transcendent goes?
3. Facing the LGBT & transgender issue.
4. What about the sanctity of life?
5. The ‘religion of peace’ or something very different?

Create Supernaturally

Starts July 9 (4 Weeks) Mondays Fortnightly 7pm.
Venue: Redwood Lounge SABC
Contact Sandra Alpe

Exploring the multi faceted creative expressions that God uses to express His voice, and discovering that we too can use these to 'speak' words of encouragement, life and prophetically to the people we cross paths with daily.

Good $ense

Starts July 3 (5 Weeks) Tuesdays 7pm.
Venue: John's Office, SABC
Cost: No Charge
Contact John Alpe

If you are already good with your money or would like to be even better or need help this is the right place to come.  Gain some great wisdom on to the how and the why to be proactive about what cash comes into your hands.  And then have time to be practical with what you learn. 

Find Intimacy with God Through SOAP:

Starts 7:30pm Wednesday 1 August in the Redwood Lounge. 
Contact Simon Dodge

Do you long for a closer relationship with God? Would you like to meet Him in the pages of his Word?

SOAP is a simple technique that can help you experience intimacy with God through the Bible. Discover the riches of God's Word like never before, with the Holy Spirit as your guide.

This practical four week course will teach you all you need to know, and set you up for a life long love of the Bible.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up, and “Find Intimacy with God through SOAP!”

Creation or Evolution?

Starts 30 July - 24 September (12 weeks)
Tuesdays 7:30 - 9pm
Venue: Cafe Lounge
Cost: $20
Contact: Mike Collins

This 8 session course will strengthen your faith and your confidence in the bible as the 100% accurate word of God from beginning to end. It is suitable for Christians and NonChristians, anyone who is open to seeing where the evidence leads. The course has a varied and interesting format including short talks, powerful video clips (presented by PHD scientists) and discussion times to show that evolution has no basis in science and that creation gives a far better explanation for the world we see around us.


Starts August (12 Weeks) 
Tuesdays 7:15 - 9:30pm.
Venue: Redwood Lounge.
Cost: $20
Contact Robert Norriss

This is a twelve week course that focuses on Kingdom core values that assists us and shifts us into living from passion rather than performance or obligation. Whatever our sphere of influence we have, whether the market place, school community home or neighbourhood we are representing God to our world.
This course focuses on pursuing passion, purpose and power.

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